Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tacky dermy

When people are telling me I'm funny, I know it is time to get serious again. There are people in my life who think I"m very intense and that is the only side of me they see.  Here is something I've got quite intense feelings about.

This photo is from Apartment Therapy.  It is a nice looking room except for the moosehead over the fireplace.

These photos are from

And these are from the New York Times Home and Garden section, which I found by googling decorating with taxidermy.  It is sickening to me and absolutely heartbreaking that people hunt animals for sport and then display them as trophy/decor in their homes.  Only sick people would advertise that they are murderers.

These chic New Yorkers probably didn't do any killing themselves, but I can't understand why they think this is tasteful decorating.  Animals do not belong to us; they are not ours to use as we like.  We share a home with them and we are responsible for looking after them or at least leaving them alone.  The fact that we bred some of them to be stupid and docile so that we could more easily kill them for food and other products is completely reprehensible.

I am disgusted by the current craze for animal skin rugs in home decor.  The popular zebra skin rug is likely to be a zebra print on cowhide, since real zebra is very expensive.  The photos below are from the blog of Vancouver designer Patricia Gray, whom is a talented designer and I'm sure a very nice person.

I don't understand how people can put an animal skin, still in the shape of a body with legs splayed out, on the floor and not give a second thought to the animal that did not want to die.  I read on one decor site that people who are squeamish about animal skins could always use faux.  I don't know if there are any faux skins that are not made using cowhide, but even if it were made of polyester I would find it disturbing.  What kind of person wants to pretend to have a dead animal on the floor?

From a sense of compassion I do not want to contribute to or benefit from harm caused to any lilving being.  I don't wear or decorate with animal hides and don't see the point of dressing in faux leopard tights or faux mink coats. Animal skins look good on the animals they were meant for.

I am absolutely serious, but just to support my point I'll leave you with a few images from


Maria Killam said...

I agree although the same could be said for people that eat meat don't you think? Or wear leather? (I'm a vegetarian but I do wear leather).

Mary J. Smith said...

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