Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Second Choice

I am most definitely living the life that is my first choice, and fantasy is called such because it lives in the imagination, where the elements can be controlled and the outcomes are always the desired ones. So here it is, my fantasy life.

I would live in a city, diverse and multi-cultural like Montreal or New York.  It would have old world charm like Prague.  Or, I think I could be quite happy in San Francisco; close proximity to the ocean is required. Sunshine and ocean breezes would pour in the large floor to ceiling windows of my rustic loft or third floor victorian apartment.  I waffle between rustic beams and exposed brick or creamy painted wood trim in my victorian, but either one would be filled with rich colours in textiles and art crafted by myself and my artistic friends.  Expressionist paintings, sculpture and pottery, tall tropical plants and a cat or two,  furniture created from re-claimed wood, antique and second hand pieces that all have a story behind them would fill my space.  Bookshelves would be filled with books and there would probably be stacks of books on the floor. There would always be soy candles burning in the evening.  My writing table, where I write clever, socially significant novels, and painting easel where I paint colourful expressionist landscapes and portraits, are in the north facing part of the room, separated from the main living spaces by a wall created from french doors and moulding.  The living area would have a wood burning fire place and french doors leading to a balcony large enough for three people to sit and many potted plants.

The neighbourhood, although close  to the ocean, would also be in walking distance of thrift shops, coffee shops, book stores, antique shops and a market where organic local food is sold.  Friends come over for delicious vegan meals and great conversation. They bring organic vegan wine and soy candles as gifts.  We would sit on cushions and eat at a low table made of reclaimed wood.  My man would not live with me; he will have his own place. I'll dress to please myself and won't have to follow any office conventions.  Layers of loose and flowy fabrics will look great on me because I will be about fifty pounds thinner in my fantasy life.  Sometimes my man and I will travel.  We will also attend the theatre for both amateur and professional performances and independent film festivals.  Somewhere in there will be time for bicycling around the city.

Or, maybe in my next life I will come back as a house cat.  Mine has a very good life.


Maria Killam said...

I love that image with the buddha and the fig tree! (we need some paragraphs--it's so hard to read such a long one :)

Your comment was so funny! I can't agree with you on yellow and gray since yellow is my favourite colour! It's not a combination I would put in my house but it can work in the right context. I would change the gray to a linen colour and then I would do it.

The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

paragraphs-what a novel idea! I had so much difficult with the formatting on this post I lost track of paragraphs.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Now that is one amazing fantasy!

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