Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fugly Boxes

Designers of fashion, both couture and ready to wear can't really come up with anything new.  They remix what has been done before but essentially we see that so and so is inspired by the shoulders of the forties or the dresses of the fifties, pant silhouettes of the seventies or whatever.   The catwalks may be a circus of clever and creative although totally unwearable ideas but basically it's the same old stuff.

 Architects are in the same position as clothing designers, wanting to flaunt their creativity and be different from the others, but hampered by that irritating criteria of actually being useful and useable.   If boxy is your preferred shape but it just doesn't do anything for your figure, try living in it.  Don't rush out and buy any old box in any old neighbourhood, please be conscious of the status that can be obtained by purchasing a couture home.  Your neighbours will hate you, but don't worry it is only because you are beautiful.

This was inspired by the aftermath of tornadoes and what happens when all of the neighbouring barns are piled up in a nearby field.  It brings a great sense of community to rural regions, allowing families to live closer, in an urban density sort of way.  Accent with red for a classic look.

Break the rules and forget what you've heard about matching the size of your accessories to your body proportions.  Try covering the front of your dress with randomly applied brooches.  This works best if you are flat chested.  If you are busty, you can emulate this look with your home, as shown in the image above.

If your figure is wide, go ahead and dress in light colours and horizontal stripes.  Your audacity will leave any critics speechless.  Make sure your footwear is humble and minimalist. This will create a statement of juxtaposition that is on trend right now.  Hemp flip flops are perfect.

Take your classic LBD and throw a poncho made of old rugs over top to keep out that winter chill.  Add flip flops as an unexpected footwear statement.

Difficulties getting along but not ready for a divorce?  Watching television in separate rooms only to discover you are watching the same show?  Show off your personalities with pride using this husband and wife matching set.  Dwelling and roof sold separately as part of a mix and match separates collection.

Don't make the mistake of being like everyone else.  This is the season to mix and match; your shoes shouldn't match your bag.  Make a statement.  Be bold.

Sometimes you have to go your own way and bring back a trend.  Retro is always cool. Remember the asymmetrical hairstyles of the eighties?  Be the first to bring back the trend.

Isn't it amazing what you can do with a box?


Maria Killam said...

I like the way your brain works :)

carla fox said...

Personally, I like the idea of his and hers houses. Totally would work for me. Add one for the kid and I'm in hog heaven!

Oh, and I loved the assymetrical hairstyle. Please bring it back!

The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

Carla you are a darling. I love you already.

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