Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Purple Passion


While I strive to avoid purple prose, this colour, which is now hailed as one of the trends for 2010, has always been one of my favourites.  There are many tones and shades, so of course I have some preferences.  As a little girl I wanted my bedroom decorated with  grape soda purple and fuschia pink. I even found a shag rug that combined those very colours.  My mother convinced me to go with lavender and blue instead, certain that I would soon outgrow my taste for vivid colour.  The lavender was too pale and so was the blue.  After a few years my room was redone in a crisper blue and white.  I still prefer much more vivid colours than does my mother.

Jump ahead a few decades and I have rediscovered purple. I began to put purple flowers in my garden, enjoying the different colour combinations I could create.  Purple with red, purple with gold, purple with orange, purple with chartreuse,  I happily splashed purple all over my garden.  The blue-purple works well in spring with the softer light and a more violet purple with red undertones works in the harsher light of mid-summer.

I like to wear purple too,

but probably never like this.

Purple makes it's way into my home; my two favourite shades are a greyed purple such as the mardi grape featured on Maria Killiam's blog, Colour Me Happy and a more red toned purple.  I like them light and I like them deep and dark.

Farrow and Ball colour palette featuring 2010 colour trends, by Patricia Gray Interior Design

Nature always does just the right thing with purple.


Okay, nature did not make the car, but I would love to have that in my driveway!

And the most amazing thing about purple is that it can make me love turquoise.

Images from Flickr unless otherwise attributed.  Blogs mentioned in this post are listed below.  home of the fabulous Maria Killiam  one of my new favourite places for inspiration  a talented Vancouver designer    


The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

Yikes! Formatting troubles again.

carla fox said...

Love purple, love turquoise, love them together! Purple goes with just about everything, in my book. Just don't ever, ever, ever wear it with red a la "red hat" ladies...

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

what a great post! my bathroom is purple....guess i'm right on track :)

Maria Killam said...

Thanks so much for the mention :) Great post on purple!!

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