Monday, January 18, 2010


I am crazy for colour and probably a nightmare for a designer to work with.  Palette?  Are you kidding?  Let's just make a note of the colours that we won't be putting in my house like pink or lemon yellow.  But then there will be exceptions.  You see it matters what the object is when I decide if I like the colour or not.  Take blue, for instance.  Apparently I am on the cusp of a trend by painting my bedroom blue.  I don't know about THAT.  My bedroom is cream and blue, at least the walls and ceiling, the colour palette is expanding otherwise.  The above colour palette begins to describe my house.  It is missing the deep mustard and the soft chamois colours I have on some of my walls and I need more of that lovely purple.  Anyhow, back to blue.....

Generally I like blue to have a grey undertone, I like it as it gets close to purple and as it approaches teal.

                    (teapot photo taken in my bedroom-the actual paint colour is a little brighter)

 I have a big problem with turquoise.  Such as this.

But not if it is glass.

That is completely different.  And if it is combined with other colours I can go for that too.

And I would never accuse Mother Nature of creating something ugly.

But most of the time, I hate turqoise.

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carla fox said...

I was agreeing with everything you were saying, thinking "we have so much in common"....until you dissed turquoise! How could you? It's my favorite (along with teal and jade and chartruese). Oh well, you ARE the Blasphemous Fiendess after all (I'm saying all of this with a wink and a smile, of course;)

The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

ACTUALLY I have to confess that I lied. If I don't confess, Maria will probably call me on it. I like turquoise compared to mint green. So there is actually a green I don't like. And if for some unimaginable reason I had to chose between the two I would take turquoise over mint green. But I can't be responsible for the acts of insanity it might drive me to.

The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

More confessions-I have pink and yellow in my house too.

carla fox said...

I can live without the mint green (yuk. toothpaste color). I've never liked pink before, but I'm starting to kind of like it. Middle aged insanity? Perhaps.....

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