Saturday, November 7, 2009

What Drives Your Style? Who do You Dress For?

This image has now become one of the most classic fashion don't images. I admire her confidence. Having style means taking risks and sometimes not getting it right.
I would wear this; I love it. I'm not sure what occasion it would be best for. Not my teaching job, that's for certain.
Is this a dress or skirt and top? I'm not sure but I love it. My husband would object but I would just tell him I'm not wearing underwear (even if I was) and that would change his whole perspective.

For whom do you dress? I have read more than once that women dress for other women. This is obviously a generalization and the popular protest is "I dress for myself, thank you very much"
I would hope that everyone dresses form himself or herself, it is an expression of who you are even if who you are is someone who doesn't care about how you are dressed. Some people don't realize the message their clothing choice is sending and this has resulted in many makeover shows such as Style by Jury or What Not to Wear. I don't know any women who choose to dress badly, even if you are an Olsen twin, yet it sometimes happens as in the photo above. My own personal leanings are boho and they were before I knew the term boho. There is nothing sexy about most boho outfits, but I have no desire to be dressed in a sexy way all of the time.

Most guys, if asked what they want their women to wear, will choose tight and/or revealing clothes. In fact, I don't think they care much if it is in fashion or if you think it is flattering. If your guy likes your body, and you can assume that he does, then he wants to see it. I love the maxi dress in the picture above but I know my husband would hated it. The simple solution is to wear the dress and then slink around the house in something casual and clingy in the evening. That's my kind of compromise. What is yours? Do you dress for your man, yourself, for other women, or for success? What compromises do you make? Would you change your style if your man didn't love it? Women are inclined to want to make their man over. What if he wanted to make you over?

Comfort has to do with an attitude as well as the physical feel of the clothes. My most comfortable outfit is an above the knee denim pencil skirt with tights, low heeled shoes and an embroidered peasant blouse. Preppy meets boho. If I ventured outside there would be a colourful oversized scarf and a funky hat. This isn't necessarily an outfit that most people would describe if you asked what are comfortable clothes. For me, it is right, it feels like my second skin, I can put it on and forget about it. That is my first criteria for dressing myself. After that I choose what I like the look of, which usually means colour, a bit of quirkiness and detail. The third most important criteria for me is what looks best on my body shape. Once I have these three aspects working for me I'm dressing for myself and that means my attitude will exude confidence. Confidence is sexy.

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