Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'll get by with a little help from my friends.

A friend has suggested that my blogger name is offensive. Hmm...maybe I wanted to be a bit provocative. When I originally started posting I expected that my only readers would be people I already know and who know me. Those people know me as a warm, gentle, loving. kind, caring, nurturing person. I truly am that; I was raised to be polite and tactful even when someone is insulting me to my face. I'm quite laid back and actually an introverted person, although I like people very much.

I am also known amongst my friends for having strong opinions and no fears about voicing them. While in my younger days I enjoyed a good debate, I usually don't bother with that sort of thing now unless I meet someone else who truly loves the debate also. What I've found is that most people just want to win the debate. They want to convince you they are right and that isn't terribly conducive to friendship. I have fallen into that trap myself and it isn't where I want to be. As my blog name suggests, one topic on which I have strong opinions is in the area of religion.

It may be quite clear to you that I am not religious, and in fact I am not a believer at all. My assumption is that most of you would respond to that with "so what. Who cares" As I said, I originally thought my only readers would be people who already know me. I didn't imagine anyone else would find or be interested in my blog. So, I used a name that refers to the aspect of my personality that is rarely visible but is actually rather significant in defining who I am. I don't believe in god. I am not religious. (In case I have to spell it out for anyone) In some of my experiences that has led people to abandon our friendship; my non-belief was blasphemous and I was spawn of the devil. I'm not kidding-this happened. I thought it was an extreme and thus funny reaction. It became a bit of a joke in my family. Look out for her, she's the devil incarnate.

Of course, I don't believe in the devil either. So, yes I am offensive to some people. It seems to me that the solution is simple. If you don't like who I am don't read my blog or associate with me. I couldn't think of anything else to call myself or any catchy name for my blog, since it is so random. I'm considering collecting suggestions but I don't think I have that many readers anyway. My intention was not to offend but to refer, tongue in cheek, to what some people I know would call my dark side. Which I still think is funny. So, fire suggestions at me or reassure me that you don't care what I call myself. In reference to an earlier post of mine, I'm thinking about calling myself Sweetheart. Let me know what you think.

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