Friday, November 20, 2009


I have always loved this picture and have always loved my bedroom. It was an ineffective punishment for my parents to send me there because I loved it. It was my sanctuary. On the other hand, the real punishment for me was just the fact that they were angry with me.

I have posted photos of different bedrooms, the images from the Canadian House and Home website. Since my own bedroom is still a work in progress, I like to notice what attracts me to these rooms and how I can apply it in my own. Enjoy.
I took this from Sarah's blog, La Maison Boheme. I would love this in my bedroom.

This might be a headboard option for my room. I'm assuming it is bamboo or rattan. (I'm not an expert on how to tell the the difference) I might even convince my husband that it should be painted. (photo by Michael Graydon)
Wow! a concrete wall looks great with russet and brown. This is quite masculine but I love it. (photo by Michael Graydon)
Always attracted to a rustic look. I find the window too bare. It needs some kind of treatment. (photo by Michael Graydon)
Doors as headboard. I've seen a door used horizontally. This would be too tall for my room. (photo by Angus Fergusson)
This looks like Hotel chic to me. This phot caught my eye because I have a dormer nook just like it. My bed faces the dormer and I have an upholstered arm chair for reading in the nook. (photo by Angus McRitchie)
The room I'm most likely to have in a creamy/dreamy palette like this is the bedroom. There was a comment about this photo that it isn't good to have exposed beams in a bedroom because they feel like they are pressing down on you. I never thought of that before but I can see how that could be . (Source: Southern Living)
A rustic look always attracts me. I've always wanted an exposed brick wall. (photographer unknown)
I am really put off by the white accessories but I love the grey blue colour on the wall. ( photo by Angus Fergusson)
A monochrome neutral palette always looks so relaxing but a little bland at the same time. I am thinking about a similar project for a headboard but Painted wood is a sin in my house so I would match the medium pine of my bed and bedside tables. (photo by Stacey Branford)
How surprised I am to discover I like this black and white room. I might not be able to live with it though. Admiring it in a photo is one thing, living with it-well, I 'm sure I wouldn't be able to keep colour from creeping in. (photo by Kim Christie)

You may have noticed by now that I love colour. Not that I don't have my preferences. I have my own likes and dislikes about certain colours and combinations, and sometimes I fall for a neutral colour scheme, but I quite consistently don't care for much white. Sure, I'll contradict myself on that, but even in a pale scheme I prefer cream to stark white or a white and cream mix. My bedroom is a combination of deep rich blue and a creamy colour that is somewhat like pale chamois. It is in the eaves of the house and so the ceiling gives way to sloping walls. The ceiling and the walls are the cream colour and the short walls plus two regular height walls in a nook created by a dormer are blue. My bedding is white and cream mixed. My drapes are very plain, cream/linen coloured cotton. The furniture is medium to dark pine. The floor is natural fir. The window and all of the trim is also natural fir. Slowly I am adding the personal touches and decorating the room. I want to embellish the curtains and add a headboard. I have some of my own art work to hang, featuring bold colours and I have potted geraniums that are currently not in bloom. From the magazine Canadian House and Home, the photos above inspire me.


Maria Killam said...

Those rooms are beautiful! I need that round mirror for a client!

The Blasphemous Fiendess said...

I love round mirrors. And oval ones too.

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