Friday, November 13, 2009

I was in the mood for blue images today. It's too bad that feeling blue means feeling sad because I would like it to mean desirous of a calm environment. That's a typical feeling for me on a Friday.

It looks like it might be a sunny weekend which means I'll try to get outside and dig up the dahlia tubers. We haven't replaced the grass in the front garden since digging everything up for irrigation. Mud mud mud but I have my beloved neoprene boots. I think they would look great with purple velvet pants and a mustard or burnt orange jacket but such items are not in my closet. Sigh.....

So on a typical Friday night I drink a glass of wine in my cozy living room, often with a fire in the fireplace, and indulge in a magazine. I read a large variety of magazines, everything from Skeptic to Vogue. On Friday I like a glossy where all I have to do is look at pictures. Sometimes I take the wine and the glossy to my deep soaker tub, add some fruity scented bubbles, a little candlelight and........aaahhhhh.


I am going to the theatre tonight. Doesn't that sound glamourous? Should I get out my diamonds? In my community, the theatre is amateur but that suits me just fine. Some people will dress up in their best clothes, some will choose their most arty ensemble and others will look like they just came from a day hiking in the local mountains. I just hope no idiot sits there with his ball cap on through the whole show.
I'm trying to be modern; I am a hat lover, but I just can't stand guys wearing ball caps indoors. I glared at a parent who wore his through the whole Remembrance Day assembly at school on Tuesday, but he was too busy taking pictures of his cute kid putting a poppy on the wreath to notice me. -Okay rant done. I put it at the end so you could skip it as soon as you saw it was a rant.

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