Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm an artistic sort of person but generally I'm no good with halloween costumes. I disappoint myself every year by not coming up with a fabulous costume, and I work in a field where a costume is expected if not mandatory. I think some of it has to do with not wanting to spend money on something I will probably never use again. I have a new plan, which is to start a dress up trunk and fill it with items that could be used and reused for costumes. There will be no ripping and staining with ketchup, which is my son's idea of turning old clothes into a halloween costume.

Here are some ideas for which I will begin to collect old clothes and accessories. I'd love to hear from you about other suggestions.

flower child

tacky bridesmaid (80's bridesmaid)

potted plant -I'm thinking of a hula hoop at waist height and mid calf height, a fabric tube creation will be the flower pot. The hoop pot would be held up by ropes over my shoulders and the ropes could be covered in green leaves. If I wear green on top and a big flower hat I would be a potted plant. Ambitious.

mother earth-a matronly outfit and attach birds, plants and other animals randomly all over

a teenager-dress in all black and wear a toque, carry a skateboard

a gypsy just because I would love the clothes required. I would want to get a really good wig of long dark hair.

a book worm-how would I make myself look like a worm?

I'm running out of ideas already.....I kind of like corpse bride, but I don't like wearing lots of gunk on my face all day

a box of tissue-decorated cardboard box and white paper shaped like a pulled out tissue -I like a costume that can be removed easily and my regular looking self is all ready to go.

I saw a girl with a fantastically simple costume. Using one of those clear umbrellas that curve down around the shoulders and decorating it with translucent streamers she was a jellyfish. She wore pale blue clothing but it was a very removable costume which, again, I really like.

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