Monday, December 14, 2009

Not too Girly, Please.

This is for Sarah at La Maison Boheme. I think this crib is gorgeous, although personally I would have the rest of the furniture in the room match the wood tone not the white. If I'm going to fall for white it is when it is distressed and combined with antique pine.

I found the images below at the website for Canadian House and Home magazine. It's a pretty good magazine but a bit too inclined to favour the glamour look. I'm still trying to find a decor magazine that features artsy, bohemian and more often than not colourful interiors.

Here's some stuff I really dislike. Hope you enjoy it. Okay, I actually like the beads on that nasty little flocked tree.

I'm really not enamored of some of the current design trends and I'm waiting for them to go away. I know, I know, I'm not a very girly girl I guess. I don't really like glamour and glitz in home decor. Too much white sends me screaming-I get a serious case of snow blindness. Lucite? Chrome? Pale blue, white and silver colour schemes? It's all ice and snow snow to me! So I thought I would give away some of this hideous stuff. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Maria Killam said...

Love the green chair in that living room! And that crib is beautiful!

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